Beauty to us is not about what's on the surface. A great smile is far more beautiful than any clothes you can put on. That's why we work hard to bring total satisfaction to our customers.

By paying close attention to the needs of each and every individual, our highly experienced team of stylists create custom cutting edge styles that has a natural look. Nature to us is a constant inspiration, and we want to preserve it for our next generation. Therefore, we also strive to be earth conscious with the products we use. This way our customers can feel good in every way possible about walking though our door. 

Whether it's a cut, perm or coloring, we provide our customers with a style they can call their own. 

We feel that it is an honor to be able help make our customers' life happier and more positive, even if it may be a small contribution.

We are conveniently located in East Village - close to many subway stations. Click here for more information.